Dr. Dean C. Bellavia



About Dr. Bellavia



Dr. Bellavia holds an M.S. & Ph.D. in Bio-Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

For almost five decades, Dean has been a leading orthodontic consultant, personally working with hundreds of orthodontic practices just like yours.

He has personally worked with thousands of orthodontic team members similar to yours, to optimize all aspects of the way they work.

He has designed most of the state-of -the-art orthodontic systems used today; probably some that you already use.

He has published four books on orthodontics and two books on personality totaling over 2,300 pages, has written scores of articles on practice management for your trade journals, and has lectured to thousands of professionals just like you and your team.

He provides you with helpful monthly “Management Pearls” at www.DeanBellavia.com.

Dean has also spent over 35 years researching and accurately defining human personality.

Dr. Bellavia doesn't just talk about getting results, he will guide you to the results you desire, always!

Practices that he has mentored average a 43% increase Production (ranging from 25% to 300%)...yours could too.

Practices that he has mentored average a 100% increase in Net Income (ranging from 40% to 500%)...yours could too.

Practices that he has mentored run smoother and less hectic with the best possible team organization...just like yours could be.


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