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The Other Book...on Orthodontics OB-B

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The Other Book ... on orthodontics, by Dr. Dean C. Bellavia, (512 pages).

The Other Book? is Dr. Bellavia in a book!

It contains all of the insights and programs that he has perfected over the decades to optimize orthodontic practices, and make them very successful on all levels.
?The Other Book ?? contains step-by-step instructions for successfully customizing and installing all of the established systems that are in "The Book ? on orthodontics?, and all of the new and revised systems in "The Other Book."?

It does this in a smooth, continuous, realistic and proven manner.? It is the perfect adjunct to ?The Book ? on orthodontics?, and is also a stand-alone reference for future-thinking practitioners.?

You can also customize your own forms and manuals with optional Microsoft Word
? files as you can do automated system design with optional Microsoft Excel? files.