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Chronological INDEX of Management Pearls

Chronological INDEX of Management Pearls

Chronological INDEX of Management Pearls 

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 Post Date Management Pearl
27th May 2014Staying on schedule...
4th June 2014The “Staffing” Problem
9th June 2014Setting Realistic Goals
19th June 2014The "Associate" Question
6th July 2014Getting "The Forgotten" Started
22nd July 2014Negotiating Salaries & Benefits
8th August 2014How much can Invisible Aligners Increase Your NET
22nd August 2014Resolving the "Bonuses Problem"
4th September 2014Getting the doctor into and out of the exam on time
19th September 2014When Can You Afford to Retire?
4th October 2014Vaccinating Against the Embezzlement Virus
17th October 2014Dealing With Transfer Patients
7th November 2014Making Your Tx Fees More Acceptable
21st November 2014The Perfect Aerobic Exercise for a Healthy Heart
5th December 2014Optimizing Your Daily Patient Flow
19th December 2014What is your Practice Really Worth?
4th January 2015Is your Practice PROTECTED from OSHA
9th January 2015Don't Let Run-Ons Destroy Your Production
23rd January 2015Vaccinating Against the "Dismorale Virus"
6th February 2015Keeping Those Great New Hires
19th February 2015The Records Fee Dilemma
20th March 2015Marketing Your Practice
2nd April 2015Don't Become Liable With New Applicants
17th April 2015Selling Your Orthodontics
1st May 2015Orthodontic Websites that Work
28th May 2015A~D~D~I~C~T Your Team Scheduling
5th June 2015Negotiating Acceptable Financial Agreements
12th June 2015Maximizing Your Market Availability
26th June 2015How does Your Practice Rate?
11th July 2015Reducing Your Heart's Effort
24th July 2015Automate your Team Management
7th August 2015Using Mind-Set to Control Your Emotions
21st August 2015The Relationship Game
11th September 2015Developing Practice Leadership
25th September 2015Balancing your Practice Personality
9th October 2015A~D~D~I~C~T your Team Organization
23rd October 2015Terminating Team Members
6th November 2015Evaluating Your Team's Abilities
20th November 2015Update your Office Policies Manual
4th December 2015Is Your HIPAA Privacy Under Control
15th January 2016A~D~D~I~C~T your Team Member Training Systems
5th February 2016A~D~D~I~C~T Your Team Hiring
26th February 2016Getting your Will-Call-Back Patients Started
17th March 2016Are Your OSHA SDS's Current
6th April 2016The TC Personality Dilemma, Closing the Sale
20th May 2016A~D~D~I~C~T Your TC Programs
17th June 2016Are you Getting the Most out of your Consultants?
15th July 2016The Receptionist Personality Dilemma - Scheduling
19th August 2016Managing your Pain
16th September 2016Don't let SOS-Emerg-Failure-Cancels Compromise Tx
14th October 2016Is your Website Protected from Hackers?
18th November 2016Create your Periodic Patient Review System
9th December 2016Create a Pt. Training Cooperation Program
30th December 2016Realizing Your 2017 New Year Resolutions
20th January 2017A~D~D~I~C~T your Tx Quality Control
17th February 2017Combining Ortho and Pedo Practices
17th March 2017Compensating an Associate
14th April 2017How to Create & Maintain your Dream Team
19th May 2017A~D~D~I~C~T your Associate/Partner
16th June 2017Maintaining a Healthy 6th Sense
21st July 2017Is Indirect Bonding for You?
18th August 2017Are your Emergencies Under Control
22nd September 2017Is Dental Monitoring for you?
21st October 2017Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement
17th November 2017Starting the Most Exams Possible
9th January 2018Resolving Gout Attacks
19th January 2018Allowing more Love in your Life
23rd February 2018The Bookkeeper Personality Dilemma (Past Due Control)
23rd March 2018Daily Cash & Charge Control
27th April 2018Making Patient Visits More Exceptional
25th May 2018Resolving Conflict
22nd June 2018Keeping your Team Busy
20th July 2018Where's the Money? Part-I: Production
24th August 2018Where's the Money: Part-II: Collections
21st September 2018Where's the Money: Part-III: Your NET
26th October 2018A~D~D~I~C~T your Financial Systems
23rd November 2018Are You Getting Enough Sleep?
25th January 2019The Insurance Acceptance Conundrum
22nd February 2019Dealing with a Practice Downturn
22nd March 2019Enhance your Inter-practice Referrals
24th May 2019Revisiting Transfer Patient Fees
21st June 2019Paper or Plastic - Whatever Works
26th July 2019A~D~D~I~C~T your Goal Attaining
23rd August 2019Controlling LAB Appliances & Insertions
20th September 2019The Initial Payments Conundrum
25th October 2019How Personality Helps & Hinders; Part-1, Director Style
22nd November 2019How Personality Helps & Hinders; Part-2, Relator Style
24th January 2020How Personality Helps & Hinders; Part-3, Analyzer Style
28th February 2020How Personality Helps & Hinders; Part-4, Socializer Style
16th March 2020Dealing with the Coronavirus Pandemic
17th April 2020The New Normal - Orthodontics with Social Distancing
15th May 2020Jump-Starting your Immune System
26th June 2020How Personality Helps & Hinders; Part-5, Team Conflict
24th July 2020Genetic Human Personality
28th August 2020ONE Question That Answers ALL Other Questions
25th September 2020Helpful Covid-19 Forms
30th October 2020Are you Helping or Hindering your Life
27th November 2020Patient Communications and Covid-19
29th January 2021Do-It-Yourself Plastic Aligners
26th February 2021Is Hybrid Orthodontics for You?
26th March 2021Your Practice Odyssey - Part-1: The Perils of Staffing
23rd April 2021Your Practice Odyssey - Part-2: The Perils of Hiring & Training
28th May 2021Your Practice Odyssey - Part-3: The Perils of Marketing (TC) Program
25th June 2021Your Practice Odyssey - Part-4: The Perils of Scheduling Design
30th July 2021Your Practice Odyssey - Part-5: The Perils of a New Office
27th August 2021Your Practice Odyssey - Part-6: The Perils of a New Associate
24th September 2021Your Practice Odyssey - Part-7: The Perils of Growing Your Practice
29th October 2021Getting Enough Love—Revisited
26th November 2021The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
28th January 2022Changing Face of Orthodontics, Part-I (braces)
25th February 2022Changing Face of Orthodontics, Part-II (aligners)
25th March 2022Changing Face of Orthodontics, Part-III (TC)
29th April 2022More Accurate Fee Calculations
26th August 2022Your Healthy Energy Coherence
30th September 2022The Wonderful World of Protomorphogins
28th October 2022Making Prioritized Decisions
25th November 2022Human Communication, Part-1, Listening
30th December 20222023 New Year Practice Resolutions
27th January 2023Human Communication, Part-2, Speaking
24th February 2023Dealing With Extreme Emotions, Part-I, Free Will to Act
31st March 2023Dealing With Extreme Emotions, Part-II, Anger, Hatred and Rage
28th April 2023Dealing With Extreme Emotions, Part-III, Fear and Terror
26th May 2023Dealing With Extreme Emotions, Part-IV, Sorrow and Despair
30th June 2023Dealing With Extreme Emotions, Part-V, Joy and Mania
28th July 2023TC STATS-WCB-OBS Control Spreadsheet
12th August 2023Dealing With Extreme Emotions, Part-IV, Sorrow and Despair
15th September 2023How Angry is your "Dark Side"?
20th October 2023How Loving is your "Bright Side"?
17th November 2023Your Joyful LIfe
22nd December 20232024 Practice Resolutions
19th January 2024Do you have "That Caring Feeling"?
16th February 2024Dealing with Pain, Part-1: Lower Back, Hip and Lower Body Pain
15th March 2024Dealing with PAIN, Part-2: Upper Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain
19th April 2024Dealing with Pain, Part-3: TMJ Pain
14th June 2024Mindfulness: Part-1, Gaining Wisdom by Understanding


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