The Perfect Aerobic Exercise for a Healthy Heart

Tuesday, 07 October 2014 00:18
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Are your aerobic exercises strengthening or weakening your heart?  If weakening, can you change your exercise routine to strengthen your heart?  This pearl may help you.


If you do strenuous exercise for more than 30 seconds, you will damage your heart and throw off free radicals.  These free radicals will make you age faster and can contribute to heart attacks, stroke and cancer.


The exercise you choose depends on your age, state of health and lower body problems.  People can obtain many benefits from running, as long as it is done at your moderate pace; running too fast for more than 30 seconds hinders more than it helps.  Similar benefits are obtained from walking at a fast pace or from jogging (which can also create lower body problems).


There is an ideal exercise that can give you the benefits of running, jogging and walking: 1) run at a fast pace for 100 steps; 2) walk quickly or jog for 100 steps; 3) walk at a natural pace for 100 steps.  When walking, let your arms hang at your side and naturally swing to keep your spine happy and healthy.


See the PDF below for more information.


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