The Relationship Game

Monday, 08 June 2015 15:51
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Are you and your family having difficulties talking about problems?  Are you at odds with some or all of your practice teammates?  Do you want your team to feel like more of a team instead of just a group of individuals?  If so, this pearl may help.


Family members and coworkers have a habit of doing things that annoy us—as we do them.  Some of it is just “genetic irritation”, because our genetically-based attitudes and motivations are opposite to theirs—directors and relators are opposite; analyzers and socializers are opposite.  But we learn to live with this—especially if we understand human personality.


It is difficult to live or work with people we have day to day issues with, which create most of our daily strife.  We want to address those issues but feel too embarrassed to do so.  We may even feel that if we addressed them that it might be worse than just living with them and the painful disconnection they create—it doesn’t have to be that way!


The Relationship Game is a safe, realistic way to reconnect with someone that you have had issues with for weeks or years.  And once reconnected, the game provides a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge others and share in their love.  It may be emotionally frightening to play this game at first (especially for relators and analyzers), but once played you’ll wish you’d done it years ago.


See the attached PDF below to learn how to play the game…good luck.


If you want to know what human personality is all about, get “Personality Finesse…how we nurture our nature”.

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