The TC Personality Dilemma, Closing the Sale

Tuesday, 22 March 2016 09:33
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Does your TC establish rapport and provide a great exam that new patients like.  But, does she seem to have difficulty "closing the sale" (i.e., she has too many Will-Call-Back patients)?  If so, it may be you and/or the TC's personality dilemma that is reducing your starts.  This pearl can help you clear that up.


The first thing that may need cleaning up is the doctor’s comments to the patient/family at the exam.  I can’t count how many times a TC has told me “I had them all set to start and the doctor came in and told them to "go home and think about it'”.  Bad idea doc; they want to…not go home and think about it.  To tell them to go home basically tells them "we don't want to treat you".


The next thing that gets in the way of new patients starting is the typical TC personality.  A TC must be able to inspire the patient/family and get them excited about treatment.  This is automatically accomplished if she has a strong socializer style.  A TC also has to be able to establish rapport (have the patient/family trust her).  This is automatically accomplished if she has a strong relator style.

And finally, the TC must be able to “close the sale” (get them into records or starting appointments).  This is accomplished if her “get-it-done” director style is not too weak.  Here lies the rub—most TC’s with strong socializer and relator styles have a weak to very weak director style.  But there is a way to get around this—see the attached PDF. 


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