Maintaining a Healthy 6th Sense

Sunday, 31 January 2016 10:01
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Do you have balance problems from an acoustic neuroma?


Are you less “athletically graceful” nowadays than you were in the past?  Do you have more “senior moments” than you would like?  If so, your 6th sense (somatosensory system) may be out of wack and needs resetting.  This pearl can help you to reset it.


Your somatosensory system coordinates your entire neuromuscular system, allowing you to do your daily tasks as accurately and efficiently as possible.  It also has an affect on your memory.  With injury or as a consequence of aging, your somatosensory system tends to falter, causing imbalance or injury and unnecessary “senior moments".  The cerebellum mainly controls this system—if the cerebellum is out of wack so is your entire body, including your memory,  since the cerebellar static in your brain makes it more difficult to access memories.


After an acoustic neuroma destroyed my balance 17 years ago, my somatosensory system was a mess.  My cerebellum worked overtime to regain my balance, but was getting nowhere.  It also caused a lot of “static” in my brain, messing up my memory (which is common in people with acoustic neuromas).  Research other than my own, also shows that one's memory after doing balance exercises is better than it was before.


A simple set of exercises (see the attached) done once a month can create a healthier 6th sense and improve your memory.  These exercises independently reset the three planes (your semi-circular canals) that activate your cerebellum allowing it to reset.  Once all three planes are independently reset, they work together interdependently to improve your coordination and memory.  When I am not as agile as I was as a gymnast, I do these exercises to regain my coordination and as a bonus, my memory is immediately improved, there is no reason why yours can't be.


The PDF attachment details the exercises; the video gives an example of doing half of the exercises.

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