The Receptionist Personality Dilemma - Scheduling

Thursday, 09 June 2016 09:49
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Is your receptionist a strong relator who establishes rapport (trust) with all patients?  Is your receptionist a weak director who finds it difficult to follow your schedule?  Typically, this is a package deal, but this pearl can help you to reconcile this dilemma.


It is not easy to create a great schedule that is smooth and productive, but it can be done.


It is not easy finding a receptionist (scheduling coordinator) who can control that schedule without messing it up, but it can be done.


Unfortunately, the kind of receptionist that establishes rapport (who the patient's trust to give them the right appointment) is typically not the best personality to control the schedule.  But, this can be resolved if she learns why she acts the way she does and then establishes procedures to overcome her weaknesses.


See the attached PDF for an understanding of the problem and what you can do to resolve it.


If you want to hire the best receptionist...

If you want to create the ideal schedule...


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