Are you Helping or Hindering your Life

Friday, 01 March 2019 10:20
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Are your goals for your success and health clear or muddy?  Are your beliefs helping or hindering your successful and healthy life?  Maybe this pearl can help you to better attain your goals for a more successful and healthier life.


Consciously (rationally) we think know what we want out of life and how to attain it.  But that is not necessarily true on a subconscious (emotional) level.  I equate rational memories with the conscious level because we have some conscious control over what we rationally think.  And I equate emotional memories with the subconscious because they take control of our rational thoughts before our conscious rational memories can deal with the situation.  Our rational and emotional memories control our reactions, especially our emotional memories, which can inhibit us from attaining our goals in life.


Most of us have a decent self-image on a rational level, but it might not be that great on an emotional level.  Consciously we try to attain our goals, but a poor self-image may be subconsciously telling us we don’t deserve it, keeping us from attaining them.

There’s a simple test to determine your self-image.  Truthfully answer the following five questions.  If all are “yes” then you have a good self-image.  If you answer no to one question, you have an OK self-image.  If you answer no to two or more questions you have a poor self-image and should work on turning those no answers into “yes” answers.

1)  I truly like myself as an individual who has a lot to offer.   Yes or No

2)  I am capable of loving those close to me.   Yes or No

3)  Those close to me love me for just being myself.   Yes or No

4)  My friends and co-workers usually like me.   Yes or No

5)  I conduct my life in such a manner as to support a positive self-image.   Yes or No

Once you have a good self-image, or to have a better self-image, move on to rooting out the kind of thinking that gets in the way of attaining your goals.  


“Intention” is probably the most important aspect of attaining your goals.  You may rationally think that your intention is to succeed, but it may be the opposite.  If your goals are muddy your actual intention may be to not succeed.  Thus you need to have crystal clear positive goals, precisely understood and stated with a positive path towards their attainment.  If the goals are not crystal clear you may compromise (lessen) them through rationalization.

You need to be very clear on what you want!  Negative subconscious memories relating to those goals may nullify your intent without even realizing it.


Write down each goal as precisely as you can, precisely indicating how you will attain it; this defines your intention.  If you cannot do that your goal is muddy as are your intentions and no matter how positive and desired your goals are, you will not help you attain them.

Classify your goals as personal, work-related, health-related, etc.  Don’t work on more than one goal at a time, unless they are interrelated.  If interrelated, choose a logical order to attain the first, second, etc., goals.  Attain immediate goals first: they are immediate if they need to be attained before other goals or because they are more easily attained.  It helps to create a flowchart of your goals (or what has to be accomplished to attain one goal) to keep them from getting in the way of each other.  You need to concentrate on one goal at a time to keep from muddying up your intentions.


I hope that this helps to clear your thinking on how to define and attain your goals to have a more successful, healthier, happier life.

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