The New Normal - Orthodontics with Social Distancing

Thursday, 16 April 2020 16:20
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Are you prepared to reopen your practice once the economy is open?  Are you prepared to deal with Social Distancing laws?  If not, maybe this pearl can help.


The Coronavirus has closed down all of the US dental practices, which should be able to open soon…hopefully!  When opening this year (and possibly into the next) the “new normal” of social distancing will be in affect until an effective CV-19 vaccine is available. 


Patient scheduling must be considered in terms of volumes of patients allowed to congregate.

The FLOW and treatment of patients must be considered, accounting for social distancing in your waiting room and clinic.

The reorganization of your waiting room and clinic areas must also be considered to protect your team and's like a new OSHA.

If desired, TeleDentistry can be an option for thinning out the daily patient load.


Refer to the attached PDF "The New Normal - Orthodontics with Social Distancing” for all of the details.  And if considering TeleDentistry, see the attached PDF "ADA Policies on TeleDentistry".


I hope that this pearl helps you to move into the near future as effortlessly and safely as possible.



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