Jump-Starting your Immune System

Monday, 04 May 2020 11:47
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Are you healthy enough to deal with a Covid-19 infection?  Is your immune system up to that task?  If you are not sure, maybe this pearl can help.


The way I understand it, the immune system works in the following manner.  Once we are infected, the immune system recognizes fragments of the pathogen and activates immune system B-cells and T-cells.  The B-cells mark the pathogen by coating it with antibodies that chomp up the pathogen into little pieces, which alerts nearby T-cells to rapidly multiply and engulf the pieces.  Those B-cells and T-cells quickly die off leaving “memory cells” that help recognize and fight off that pathogen in the future.


As we get older the B-cells become weaker at recognizing new pathogens and the T-cells are less effective at helping the B-cells kill the pathogen.  After the age of 20 we stop making new T-cells and keep the existing T-cells alive.  These existing T-cells tend have shorter and shorter bursts of activity and then die off.  This age-related die-off produces fewer memory cells to assist the B-cells with future infections.

Even though Covid-19 can attack anybody at any age, it is more lethal for those over 65 because of their weakened immune system.  The healthier your immune system, at any age, the better your chance to fight Covid-19 or at least lessen its affects, especially in these stressful times—stress weakens the immune system.


All of this is interesting of course, but how do you know whether our immune system is weakened?  It may be as simple as taking "Elderberry Extract with Echinacea" to find out.  If your immune system is weakened it seems to jumpstart it, making you “feel healthier”.  If taking it does nothing, your immune system is probably not too weakened.  But of course, even with a less weakened immune system it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t be severely affected by Covid-19, but every little bit helps.


About 25 years ago I was constantly tired for many months.  I couldn't work at my home-office desk for more than half an hour without needing to take a nap.  Then a client of mine suggested taking "Elderberry Extract with Echinacea".  I took 2 oz after dinner and the remaining 2 ounces the next afternoon after lunch. That day I was so full of energy that I found myself outside repairing the back roof; it was amazing and I haven't had that fatigue problem ever since.  Another story; my sister told me that when she got home from work every day she didn't have the energy to do anything but go to sleep. After taking the elderberry extract she was up and about and hasn't had that fatigue since. There are many stories like this.


The European elderberries known as “Sambucus nigra” are the one most closely tied to your health and healing.  Its history dates back to 400 BC when Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine,” called it his medicine chest.  In “folk medicine” the elderberry is widely considered one of the world’s most healing plants.  The berries and flowers of elderberry are packed with antioxidants and vitamins can boost your immune system, help tame inflation, lessen stress and help protect your heart.

You can get the elderberry extract in many places, but the one that works best is called Sambucus, which you can get at the following link or elsewhere:


Make sure that it is Elderberry Extract with echinacea.

See the attached image for what the product looks like.


The suggested dosage on the bottle is for maintenance of your immune system, but it won’t jumpstart it if it is weakened.  I took it as directed: it with no affect.  Then I purchased another bottle and took 2 oz at dinner and 2 oz the next day at lunch with miraculous results.  This is just my experiential opinion of what works for me and others—no guarantees.  It is also easier to swallow if you mix it in a few ounces of water.


I hope that this pearl is of benefit to you in this pandemic.


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