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Sunday, 06 September 2020 11:34
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Do you obtain a "Covid-19 Informed Consent" form all of your patients, whether established or new?  Do you obtain a "Covid-19 Patient Disclosure" on patients before they enter your office for the first time?  Do you obtain a "Covid-19 Patient Disclosure" (or some shorter spoken version) on established patients as they arrive?  If not, maybe this pearl can help.


Remember when you had to make all of those OSHA changes to your office decades ago?  Well, it's back again with the Covid-19 virus, but hopefully it will only be for a short period of time.


You need to protect yourself and your present patients from Covid-19 infection by masking, using PPE and social distancing whenever possible.  You also need to protect yourself and your patients from New Patient Covid-19 infection before they enter your office for the first time.


This can be accomplished by using "Covid-19 Informed Consent" and  "Covid-19 Patient Disclosure" forms.  These forms can be electronic (filled in on line) or mail-in by downloading and printing the forms, filling them out, scanning the filled out form and emailing it to your office.  Obviously, the on-line electronic method is the simplest to use, but requires that your website allow for this. 


If your new patients have not visited your website before they call for a new patient exam, you simply get their email address and send them a link to your website and to the Covid-19 forms they need to fill out electronically.  Or you can simply email them a paper version of the forms, have them fill them out and scan/email them to you.


The key is to inform them and get their disclosures before they enter the office.  If they cannot do either method, you have a problem.  You can snail-mail them the forms and have them fill them out and drop them off or snail-mail them before their appointment—just like the good-old-days before the internet.


For established patients have them fill out the "Covid-19 Informed Consent" at their next appointment or fill it out and email or snailmail it to you.


I hope that this better prepares you do deal with Covid-19 with your new and established patients.

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