The Wonderful World of Protomorphogins

Sunday, 13 March 2022 13:50
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Are you, or someone you care about just tolerating diabetes, thyroid disease or heart disease?  Do you think that something might be done about it?  If so, maybe this pearl can help you or them do something more proactive than just tolerating it.
Have you ever heard of the term “protomorphogen”?   Well join the club; most everybody, including physicians, have never heard of it.  In the early part of the 20th century Dr. Royal Lee, a dentist and early pioneer in human nutrition, proposed that gland and organ tissue could be useful beyond just their food value.  He believed that animal extracts could activate nuclear cell repair in compromised organs.  In 1947, Dr. Lee described a protomorphogen (“proto” = primary or original; “morphogen” = that which organizes form) as a cell determinant from organ or glandular tissue.  One definition of a determinant is: “That portion of an immunogenic molecule with which an antibody or lymphocyte reacts”.  Dr. Lee believed that they provided the blueprint and framework upon which a cell was constructed and could be repaired.  We will refer to the organ rebuilding protomorphogens that are listed at the end of this pearl.
To picture in your mind protomorphogens at work, think of them as microscopic construction workers—like microscopic electricians that repair the nervous system, plumbers that repair kidneys, air-conditioning repairmen that repair the lungs, mechanics that repair the muscles or roofers that repair the skin—well, I think of it that way.
In case you were wondering—and you probably weren’t—I'm not a dentist nor physician nor chiropractor, etc.; I am a Doctor of Bio-Engineering who has been working will almost every type of health care professional for over half a century.  I don’t look at health from just one point of view as do most physicians, dentists, etc.; I look at it from all points of view—and whatever works…works.  Much of what I say here may go against what you believe, but if you bear with me you might find something that could work for you.  Of course some things work for some people and not for others, but in general what works for the many, may work for you or someone important to you.
Some history:  In 1975 I started consulting for Chuck Hulsey, an orthodontist with one of the most multidisciplinary health care minds that I have ever worked with.  Dr. Hulsey and I organized “The Holistic Dental Society” in 1980, which looked at TMJ treatment from every possible point of view—some of which were way out then, but are now considered practical (acupuncture, homeopathy, kinesiology, energy healing, etc.).  Early on and to this day, Chuck has become very proficient using “kinesiology”; a muscle-testing procedure that allows us to tap into our health status—it sounds weird, but it really works.  All muscle has memory, otherwise we would have to think about how to eat, walk, etc., instead of just doing it—that memory is part of the body’s overall energy coherence and electromagnetic information that can be tapped into by numerous means.  Dr. Hulsey has used kinesiology on thousands of patients over the past 50+ years with remarkable results and has used protomorphogens to treat his patient’s weak organs to improve their health.  I have personally taken various protomorphogens over the decades with some remarkable results (and some disappointments) as indicated below.
Resolving my diabetes: In 1980 Dr. Hulsey muscle-tested me and found that my pancreas tested weak.  My mother and her mother have since died from diabetic complications and my sister developed diabetes decades ago, so it seems realistic now that I was prone to have it then.  Chuck had been working with protomorphogens for a few years and suggested that I take “pancreatrophin” to strengthen my pancreas.  I took it 3 times a day for 30 days (without food) and the next time I worked with Chuck he tested my pancreas and it tested strong—and to this day I have not fallen prey to diabetes.  In 2021 I sent my sister a bottle of pancreatrophin.  She took it 3 times a day for 30 days and found that her blood sugars were as she put it, “lower and much more controllable”.  Pancreatrophin may help diabetics you know; why not give it a try.
Moving on.  In 2019 I was diagnosed with high blood pressure (210/105) and was referred to a cardiologist.  The month before my scheduled Doppler/Treadmill test I took “cardiotrophin” three times a day for 30 days to strengthen my heart.  The Doppler test showed that I had strong, healthy heart muscles.  During the 20-minute treadmill test we exceeded my calculated maximum heart rate at a systolic pressure of 190 and diastolic pressure of 90 with no fatigue on my part.  When I asked the treadmill technician how high a heart rate they go to he said that he rarely went above the calculated maximum heart rate for the average patient—sad note; a collogue of mine actually dropped dead during that same treadmill test the year before.  Now, I have always had a strong heart, but at 75 years of age when tested, it proved to be more than just a naturally strong heart and that the cardiotrophin did have a positive effect.  Currently, I don't have high blood pressure problems.  Cardiotrophin seemed to help me and may help people you know with heart problems.
A big difference: My mother had and my children have thyroid problems, but I never seemed to have any until lately.  In 2019 I had a TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) blood test that was a fairly healthy 3.42 (the healthy range for me is from 0.45 to 5:33); one year later my TSH tested high at 4.67; and in SEP 2023 it elevated to 5.41.  After that test I decided to take “thyrotropin” three times a day for 30 days and my TSH blood test result in 10-23 was 2.64—a remarkable drop after it had been rising for years.  Thyrotropin definitely helped me and may help people you know with thyroid problems.
Old age isn't all fun!  In July of 2021 I was diagnose with severe lumbar spinal stenosis (from old gymnastic injuries) which caused lumbar and hip pain and numbness in my right leg.  The 8-10 level pain persisted, even with cortisone injections.  The pain was reduced to a 1-3 level pain with sophisticated chiropractic lumbar/hip adjustments, life-style changes, a Massage-gun, Voltaren ointment and Bio-magnetics—but the numbness persisted.  I decided to try “Neurotrophin” to see if it would improve my damaged lumbar nervous system—I took it three times a day for 30 days.  Admittedly, it was a long shot that didn’t pan out, but neurotrophin may help those you know with nervous system disorders.
Another long shot (I’ll try anything if I think it’ll help):  In January of 2022 I developed a pressure rash (urticaria) on my upper trunk and arms that lasted for months.  I tried all sorts of creams, which helped a little, but the rash persisted.  I then decided to use “Dermatrophin” to help rebuild my skin tissue and hopefully resolve the rash.  It didn’t help with the rash, but my skin is now a little smoother and more elastic.  I finally resolved the rash with antihistamines.  Again, dermatrophin was a long shot for me, but it might help those you know with skin problems.
A long shot with a surprise:  As indicated in the pearl Our Varying Perception of Time, as we age the level of noradrenalin (norepinephrine) in the brain decreases, making the brain process sensory data slower, thus making time seem to proceed faster.  Since the adrenal gland produces noradrenalin I decided to take “Drenatrophin” 3 times a day for 30 days to see if it boosted the amount of noradrenalin in my brain; hopefully to make time proceed less fast.  I had also hoped that the noradrenalin neurotransmitter (although produced in the synapses) might make my neurons more excitatory, thus improving access to my memories that are still there but sometimes difficult to access.  The result of my experiment was not what I had hoped for, but there was a benefit.  My hippocampus-controlled “chain of thoughts” now better accesses those short-term memories of “why did I come into this room”—that short term memory is much more accessable instead of being just a blank.  Seniors you know or people with adrenal gland disease might find drenatrophin helpful—and then again they may not.

A huge breakthrough: Throughout my life I did a great deal of unmasked work with plaster, asbestos, cement, sawdust and the like, which compromised my lung health and breathing.  Most of my later life I suffered with bronchitis and pneumonia.  In 2015 I received my first pneumonia shot and in 2018 my final pneumonia shot, which stopped the yearly bronchitis and pneumonia episodes.  But my lungs were still compromised, making breathing very labored when doing aerobics, strenuous work and when walking up hills or stairs.  In 2022 I contracted Covid-19 and had chest congestion, but few problems with breathing (probably since I was fully vaccinated and boosted).  When I finally tested negative I decided to take “Pneumotrophin” 3 times a day for 30 days to help rebuild my lungs.  The result: my breathing is never labored any more when walking up long hills or multiple flights of stairs.  Another perk; in the past few decades when I would forcefully breathe in to totally fill my lungs I had noticeable lung pain—I no longer have that pain.  That 30-day effort was one of the best things that I ever did to make my lungs healthy.  Pneumotrophin may help people you know with lung disease or with breathing problems caused by Covid-19, etc.
My bottom Line: My lungs, thyroid and pancreas were not in great shape and the pneumotrophin, thyrotropin and pancreatrophin protomorphogens made a world of difference—it was well worth the annoyance of diligently taking each of them for 30 days.  Then again, other protomorphogens were not as helpful as I had hoped for various reasons (like, those organs didn’t need it).  I would thus assume that if you took a 30-day regimen of a needed protomorphogen that it would help that deteriorated organ.
There are many protomorphogens to choose from, depending on the weakened organ.  If you have problems with any of the organs listed below you might give that protomorphogen a try.  Here is an alphabetical list of available protomorphogens:
  Dermatrophin PMG for the Skin
  Drenatrophin PMG for the Adrenal gland
  Myotrophin PMG for the Muscles
  Neurotrophin PMG for the Nervous System
  Oculotrophin PMG for the Eyes
  Ovatrophin PMG for the Ovaries
  Pancreatrophin PMG for the Pancreas
  Pituitrophin PMG for the Pituitary gland
  Pneumotrophin PMG for the Lungs
  Prostate PMG for the Prostate
  Renatrophin PMG for the Kidneys
  Utrotrophin PMG for the Uterus
You can obtain these protomorphogens from “” if you have any state healthcare license.  I simply order them from “”, although there are other vendors to choose from.  You can even get protomorphogens for your pets from “” and other vendors.
I hope that you now have more faith in the use of protomorphogens and might use them to reduce/eliminate physical problems that you, those you care about, or your patients are now just tolerating—it’s like a vitamin pill for an organ.



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