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Friday, 22 April 2022 12:36
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Are you aware that your body is healthier when its electromagnetic energy is in balance than when it isn’t?  Have you ever heard of energy coherence?  Do you know that disease can unbalance your energy coherence?  Do you even care?  Maybe this pearl can help you find out how all of this might affect your health.
We are all animals—Definition: "an animal is a collections of organs that all work together to help the animal survive".  The first animal was the sponge, which most of us have highly evolved from.  But for an animal's organs to be healthy enough to survive it must maintain its energy coherenceCoherence is in general: “an orderly, logical and aesthetically consistent relation between all body organs”.  Energy Coherence (E.C.) is: “when the electromagnetic fields that are emanating from these organs are in balance”.  An Electromagnetic Field (E.F.) is: “the field of force associated with an electric charge in motion, having both electric and magnetic components and containing a defined amount of electromagnetic energy”.
The Sources of Electromagnetic Fields:
Every entity has an electromagnetic field; some are simple like atoms and some are complex like humans.  Below is a description of how a simple entity can build up into a complex entity, each with its own unique electromagnetic field.


An electron has a unique E.F. that interacts with charged protons.
Every atom has a unique E.F. created by its specific arrangement of electrons, protons and neutrons.  This E.F. dictates which atoms it can chemically bond with or not—sort of like a jigsaw puzzle; either the pieces fits or they don't.
Every compound (“a pure, macroscopically homogeneous substance consisting of atoms or ions of two or more different elements in definite proportions that cannot be separated by physical means”) has a unique E.F. that is the combined E.F. of its combined atoms.
Every mixture (“two or more separate substances that are not chemically combined with each other”) also has its own E.F. made up of the E.F. of its various compounds that all exist in a coherent balance.
Every cell (“the smallest structural unit of an organism that is capable of independent functioning, consisting of one or more nuclei, cytoplasm, and various organelles, all surrounded by a semipermeable cell membrane“) is made up of atoms, compounds and mixtures, each with its own E.F. that all exist in a coherent balance within themselves and also in balance with other cells.
Every organ (“a differentiated part of an organism that performs a specific function”) of every animal is made up of cells with their own combined E.F. that exist in a coherent balance within itself and with other organs.
Every organism (“an individual form of life like a human animal”) is made up of organs with their own combined E.F., which must exist in a complex coherent balance for the entire organism to be healthy.  That organism’s E.F. also affects and is affected by other organisms' E.F.
The important fact to remember is that you actually do have many complex electromagnetic fields within your body, which can be used to determine your state of health.
Energy Coherence:
The brain organ has the strongest E.F. and the heart organ has the second strongest E.F.  The seven body charkas (which include the brain and heart) each have a strong E.F. that interacts with every other cell in your body.  But EVERY organ’s E.F. in a body has to be in balance with every other organ's E.F. for that organism to stay healthy.
There is something called “Energy Healing”, which is provided by a person emanating an electromagnetic field (usually from their hands) at a specific frequency (between 10-30 CPS) and intensity (not too strong and not too weak).  That E.F. helps the healer heal another person’s weakened organ by strengthening its weakened E.F. and also helps the body attain a balanced energy coherence.  James L. Oschman’s book: Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis (2000), is an excellent source for this subject.
A healthy E.F. energy coherence is necessary to ward off disease.  If an organ is diseased (for example, the pancreas with diabetes) it not only doesn’t perform its organic function, it’s diseased E.F. is out of balance with the E.F. of other organ and can possibly weaken them and their ability to properly function, causing a domino effect of disease and dysfunction.  A diseased organ that is unable to perform its function is of course a much greater health issue than its weakened E.F., but a weakened organ’s E.F. can be detected, herald the onset of that disease and allow us to treat it before it manifests—and possibly after it manifests.
Every organ’s E.F. is telegraphed throughout the entire body to maintain its energy coherence.  And each organ’s E.F. is telegraphed to a particular muscle, making it strong (if healthy) or weak (if unhealthy).  This is why so-called “kinesiology” (muscle testing) can be used to detect a diseased organ even before its symptoms have manifested.  Luckily, once an organ’s weakness is detected a “protomorphogen” can be taken to rebuild that organ, allow it to perform its organic function and strengthen its E.F., thereby contributing to the body’s energy coherence and overall health.
This pearl is a lead into next month’s pearl: “The Wonderful World of Protomorphogens”, which will give you insight into how you can halt an organ’s physical and electromagnetic decline and possibly repair it.





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