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Over the years, I have told many colleagues, that the best investment I have made in my practice was to hire the services of Dr. Dean Bellavia. With Dean’s optimization program, I was able to set and achieve all of my production and productivity goals, as well as having the peace of mind that comes with well-organized systems. After Dean optimized my practice, I continued with his services by subscribing to his Super Support Program. By doing this, I was able to maintain a “handle” on how my practice was doing and make corrections as needed. Dean Support program provides the framework to work within a budget, set yearly goals for the practice, and receive advice on how to improve manage systems as needed. I highly recommend Dr. Bellavia’s services to any orthodontist seeking to improve the systems in their office. I have no doubt that Dean’s services have made my practice more profitable, but more importantly, less stressful, in achieving my practice goals.
Date of Posting: 17 February 2015
Posted By: Dr. Mitch Pelsue
Janesville, WI
I went through Dean optimization program in 1981. I joined his Super Support Program in 2001 and had him re-optimized my practice in 2001. I hired Dean on the suggestion of one of my mentors. As a young practitioner, Dean helped me to organize both my clinical as well as administrative systems in the office. He also was instrumental in training my staff (and a relatively inexperienced orthodontist) in the delivery of orthodontic care. His systems and constant support by phone and in person were not only comforting, but also critical in shaping my practice. And after almost 30 years, I still use many of his systems. They are outstanding!
Date of Posting: 01 September 2014
Posted By: Dr. Paul Rigali, III
Wollingford, CT
I was optimized by Dr. Bellavia in 1978 and joined Dean’s Super Support Program in 2001. "I hired Dean, because of his reputation for organizing systems. When we hired Dean he put our office light years ahead of current thinking. I joined Dean's support program because I wanted a review of our statistics that revealed our practice health. His numbers are terrific! Dean, known worldwide for his smooth talking, does not sugarcoat his recommendations. He continually pushes us to better control our practice.
Date of Posting: 01 September 2014
Posted By: Dr. Gregg T. Frey
Allentown, PA
I was optimized by Dr. Bellavia in 1996; joined Dean’s Super Support Program in 2000. Since 1996, my practice has more than doubled and my dollar net has more than quadrupled. "I hired Dean because I needed a new office design. My scheduling system wasn't working; I was tired at the end of the day and had many problems with my numbers. My goal was to improve on each of these. I have the same energy level at the end of the day as I have at the beginning of the day. I receive numerous comments from parents regarding the efficiency of my scheduling system. And if there is a problem with the scheduling, Dean takes care of this immediately. I joined Dean's support program because it was difficult to find someone that would organize and watch over my practice as if it were his own. Dean has done this. He evaluates new applicants for hire, organizes the scheduling of patients, analyzes my statistics, and, has even been responsible for increasing my number of patients. Dean evaluates my statistics on a monthly basis with a full comprehensive written report, and suggestions for improvement. This has led to many new patient referrals, and has been a great marketing tool. God blessed me by bringing Dean into my life. When the day is over, I diagnose cases as needed, and then go home to walk a mile or two with my wife, or work out on my elliptical. I've only lost one thing - stress."
Date of Posting: 01 September 2014
Posted By: Dr. Paul Miller
Quincy, IL
I was optimized by Dr. Bellavia in 2008 and I recommend it highly. Within the first year, my practice grew over 50% and my net has increased over 300%. It continues to grow. I first became aware of Dean when I read his many practice management articles. He has been the innovator of most of the practice management tools used by modern orthodontic offices. I had arrived at a crisis point in my office, which had reached a plateau. We had staffing issues; our systems were good, but had flaws. Dean was able objectively analyze our problems and offer immediate solutions. Dean's evaluation of staff personalities was dead-on. The crisis was resolved quickly and our office has seen an amazing turn around. Dean has a phenomenal ability to analyze and organize. He has transformed my practice's potential into reality; you can hire a cheerleader or you can get results; Dean is there with results when you need him. I joined Dean’s Super Support Program because, at a glance, it allows me to evaluate the financial health of my offices, and Dean provides guidance to help me make real practice management decisions. He offers concrete solutions and continues to support us as needed; Dean is quick to respond; from the big picture to the smallest detail, Dean has a solution. The Optimization got into the details of procedures and scheduling, which was something I always needed. Even if I had the time to optimize the practice, I lacked the ability to do what Dean did for us. Hiring Dean was the best decision I ever made for my practice. Dean, you are awesome!
Date of Posting: 01 September 2014
Posted By: Dr. Ronald Kampas
Zelienople, PA
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