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Management Kit Software Support FAQ's

Where do I find the Activation Code & Key for my management kit?

For the Printed Kits or CD-Bundle, the Key & Code can be found on the inside-left of the CD case cover to the left of the CD.
For the Downloaded Kits, the Key & Code can be found near the bottom of the email sent after purchasing the kit.

Why can I put a management kit on only one computer?

Just like any licensing of a copyrighted system, you have only one license for one computer.
If you want to use the kit on more than one computer, you need to purchase another license.

But, if you purchased a CD-Bundle with 5 kits and 5 licenses, you can use the Key & Code for a kit you don't want, to install another kit you do want on a second computer, using that unwanted kit's key & code.

What is a Management Kit?

A Management Kit covers a specific aspect of successfully managing an orthodontic practice.

The management kits include: Ultimate Organization & Hiring Kit, Ultimate Team Training Kit, Ultimate New Patient Experience (TC) Kit, Ultimate Scheduling Design Kit, Ultimate Reporting System (Goal Attaining) Kit, and the Ultimate Practice Transition Kit.

You can get these management kits in a Separate Printed Version, with all manuals, workbooks and forms already printed for you.

You can also get the five Org. & Hiring, Training, New Pt. Experience, Scheduling and Reporting kits in a CD-Bundle, but you have to print out the manuals, workbooks and forms.

The Ultimate Practice Transition kit is only available in the printed format.

Each management kit contains an instructional video and workbook to follow that video and customize the kit to the way you decide to organize your practice.

Each management kit also includes all of the manuals, forms and Word & Excel files needed to successful implement the programs in your practice.

What Operating Systems do the Kits support?

All kits run on all Windows based systems.

"MAC" versions are available also.

What Windows operating system will the management kits work on?

They work on all Windows operating systems.

Why won't the Videos play from my Excel documents?

You must have the Management Kit associated with the document, opened and running in order to Play/View the videos in all Excel Documents.


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